Meet Don Juan...

A former teacher who changed from a 4 walled classroom to an open classroom full of aromas, colors, textures, sizes and shapes…so many species! on his farm. He combined two loves: teaching and farming, and developed a hands-on experience for kids all about sustainable farming solutions. He disperses his knowledge with people around the world just as the fruits on his farm burst open and spread their seeds. The purpose of his farm is to produce, conserve and spread knowledge to the curious about sustainability and organic farming. He is a Master experiential educator.


2,000 lb ancient creatures...

Have you ever had the opportunity to safely see very different animals just a few feet away? You will be blown away by the experience of witnessing the nesting of enormous endangered leatherback sea turtles right in front of you. Up to seven feet long and exceeding 2,000 pounds, they lay over 100 eggs at a time.

However, only 1/1000 make it to adulthood. You will feel privileged to participate in such a powerfully emotional experience while aiding the conservation of these ancient, magnificent creatures.


Start 9000’ above sea level...

Experiencing sustainability in action at a handbuilt Swiss family Robinson type lodge up in the paramo, a stunning ecosystem.

Hike through lush alpine forest to Diamante Waterfall where you will sleep outdoors and rappel the waterfall’s face. Journey to the indigenous community of Terraba where you will create cultural connections that will last a lifetime as you craft your own colorful mask.


We customize each experience… options are endless!

DAY 1: Owning your Experience

Bienvenidos a San Jose! Your guides introduce the Story Approach & Expedition Mentality, and our first nightly reflection circle empowers students to be fully engaged in their experience here in Costa Rica.

DAY 2: Ecosystem Interactions

Whitewater raft down the spectacular Pacuare river, learning about watersheds and conservation areas from an unforgettable perspective. After rafting, visit a monoculture banana plantation to explore agriculture and human pressures on this fragile rainforest ecosystem.

DAY 3: Tino: Cultural Ambassador

Meet Tino – a lifelong resident and local institution in this small town – and hike with him in his backyard- the Gandoca-Manzanillo reserve. Here he shows us the incredible biodiversity of the rainforest while sharing stories and encouraging us to touch, taste, smell and connect with life here. In the afternoon, kayak in mangrove estuaries to further understand this incredible habitat.

DAY 4: Service: Leaving a Positive Trace

Today we give back to the community by participating in a service project, working hand in hand with the locals to make a positive impact on a school in need. Our projects are community led and focus on long term, sustainable solutions.

I have been doing trips abroad with my students for about 18 years, starting with Mexico, then for the last 12 years, Costa Rica. From a teacher’s perspective, I would honestly NEVER go with another company. I love how trained the Chill Expeditions guides are and how they LISTEN to what the teacher wants. I was able to make my goals clear to them at the beginning of the trip and they seamlessly wove my goals into the daily activities

Teacher, California




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Dear Educators, Parents and Students

Chill Expeditions is passing its legacy of outstanding Experiential Education through Travel and Service to our long time colleague Sam Oziel at E&E Expeditions. Consequently, Chill Expeditions is no longer operating, but we are very excited for what Sam is creating.  He is a world-class experiential educator and will service your educational goals brilliantly.
It has been the pleasure of a lifetime creating magical educational experiences for thousands of teachers and students around the world over the past 11 years and I thank each and every one of you.
To those of you looking to get back out into this new world, Sam and his team will create safe, enriching and superbly executed  new magic in the realm of experiential learning through travel. 
This website simply remains as an archive for reference purposes and is in no way intended to suggest that Chill Expeditions  remains in business as again we are closed~ but E&E Expeditions is carrying on the tradition. 
Safe Travels
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