The Expedition Includes:

  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Hot Springs
  • Boat Rides
  • Wildlife in the Archipelagos
  • Geologic Formations
  • Renewable Energy Use & Sources
  • Farming & Agriculture
  • Biology & Whale Watching
  • Icelandic & Viking History in context
  • Fishing Industry

* We can make adjustments to this itinerary based on your specific interests, timeline, and budget.

* Do not hesitate to ask questions and request a customized itinerary.


Dive into your adventure in this land of geologic wonders.

Today we arrive in Iceland. After breakfast, we will visit the Viking World museum. Here you will learn about Viking history and how it has shaped the culture of Iceland. We then drive to Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital and largest city, for a city tour followed by lunch. Learn about modern culture and lifestyle in this capital city.

Important Themes:

  • Your guides will introduce the Story Approach and the teaching themes that will cohesively link together the incredible wealth of information you will learn on the trip.
  • Your group will be introduced to the Expedition Mentality, our nuanced strategy for creating the strongest possible group culture.
  • Our first nightly circle and bandana ceremony will reinforce the Expedition Mentality and set the tone for the best possible experiential learning trip.

Overnight: Reykjavik


Begin our expedition with a focus on settlement patterns and coastal ecology

On our first full day in Iceland, we will have breakfast and drive to the small town of Hvolsvöllur where we will take a Ferry to our destination. The archipelago consists of fifteen islands. We will stay on Heimaey Island, the largest and only inhabited island of this chain, with a population of roughly 4200. Walk around the town and have lunch with an amazing vista. In the afternoon we take a boat excursion to get closer to the burrows of the Puffins and understand coastal ecology.

Important Themes:

  • Small island economy and sustainability
  • Migratory birds and climate change
  • Icelandic culture

Overnight: Vestmannaeyjar Islands


Today we explore the Mars-like landscapes of this UNESCO area

After breakfast, we will head back to take the ferry to the mainland. Spend the morning in the town of Vik, which is a remote seafront village that sits in the shadow of Mýrdalsjökull glacier on the Katla volcano. Here we discuss the history and economy of Vik, by spending time visiting geothermal buildings and meeting with members of the local fishing industry. In the afternoon, you will Kayak in the glacier lagoon.

Important Themes:

  • Introduction to renewable energy
  • Geology and the extremes of nature
  • Local fishing industry

Overnight: Vik area


Today we further connect with this fragile environment and consider issues facing our planet

After breakfast, you will travel to Skaftafell, a green oasis nestled in Vatnajökull National Park, below the great Vatnajökull glacier, the largest of its type in Western Europe. Explore the trails, have a picnic and connect with nature. A highlight of our day is a hike to the stunning Svartifoss waterfall.

Important Themes:

  • Water cycles
  • Eco-tourism in action
  • Climate change and its impact on this environment

Overnight: Höfn area


Today we explore traditional livelihoods and local economies

Drive to the coastline of the East Fjords, where the towering mountains and charming fishing villages are a must-see before taking a short flight to the north of Iceland.

Walk around town, interview people in the community and learn their perspective on the whaling industry. Meet with local biologists after dinner and prepare for our whale watching expedition tomorrow.

Important Themes:

  • Icelandic communities: culture, tradition, trade routes
  • Fjords and geologic settings- what makes unique habitats?
  • Whale biology and life cycles

Overnight: Akureyri area


Enjoy an incredible whale-watching expedition and continue our geologic exploration

This morning we head to Húsavík, renowned as the whale watching capital of Europe, and you will embark on a boat to try to spot humpback whales.

In the afternoon, explore the highlights of the Lake Mývatn area, including the mystical volcanic formations at Dimmuborgir, the pseudo craters at Skutustadir, the colorful sulfurous slopes of Námaskarð, and the volcanic areas at Krafla.

Afterward, you will drive by the Goðafoss waterfall en route to Akureyri, the charming “capital” of northern Iceland.

Important Themes:

  • Marine ecology of Iceland
  • Sustainable solutions and traditional industries
  • Geothermal energy

Overnight: Akureyri area


We learn about traditional culture and daily life in rural Iceland

This day will be spent exploring the best that West Iceland has to offer. You will take a fairly long drive from the northwest to the capital, but there will be a lot to see along the way in Blönduos and Hvammstangi.

For lunch, you will visit Eriksdattir. Afterward, you will go to a local farm in Erpssdatir where you will learn all about dairy products and agriculture in Iceland.

Important Themes:

  • Icelandic culture: past and present
  • Agriculture and farming
  • Regional variations and settlement patterns

Overnight: Erpssdatir Farm and Creamery


Today we explore through the lens of myths, legends, and literary traditions

Today, you will explore the 90-km long Snæfellsnes peninsula, which contains a world of diversity: friendly villages, spectacular mountains, a multitude of bird species, treacherous cliffs, beaches of sand and pebbles popular among horsemen and rock skimmers, and remnants and relics of past ways of life. Hear folk tales from people in the community that will immerse you even more in this amazing experience.

Important Themes:

  • Viking history and oral tradition
  • The Sagas
  • Habitat niches & endemic species

Overnight: Stykkisholmur area


Today we go from the very beginnings of Icelandic culture to consider the future of this special place

Before heading back to Reykjavik, you will visit the Settlement Center, a museum focused on the settlement of Iceland and its most famous Viking- Egill Skallagrímsson.

In the afternoon, you will take a ride in a huge 18-wheeled converted ex-NATO missile launcher, followed by an hour or so of exploring inside the world’s largest man-made ice tunnel. Soak in a spectacular hot spring before your last bandana ceremony and reflection.

Important Themes:

  • The ancient history of Iceland
  • Viking voyages: global impact
  • The future of the far North

Overnight: Reykjavik


On our final day together we’ll enjoy the last group breakfast, head to the airport, bid our guides a fond farewell and return home with memories of our Chill Expedition that will last a lifetime! We hope to inspire all those who travel with us to gain a greater appreciation for the many natural treasures Iceland has to offer and reflect upon the choices we all make at home to help preserve this precious culture and environment.

Why settle for less?

Crawford Hill (Chill)

Crawford Hill (Chill)

Co-owner, Chill Expeditions

Crawford Hill (Chill), CEO and Head Expedition Guide has been guiding wilderness expeditions since 1974. Chill’s goal in all his educational efforts was simply to give his students pause about why they do what they do.

Audrey Ziomek

Audrey Ziomek

Operations Manager at Chill Expeditions

Audrey believes that educational expeditions that expand perspectives and challenge students can be life-changing experiences.




As a husband, father, coach, and athlete, Mike is in perpetual motion. He will, however, pause for sushi, bacon, fried plantains, mint chocolate chip ice cream and a pint of Guinness.


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