This Expedition Includes:

  • Hiking
  • Spanish Classes
  • Flamenco Dancing
  • Biology Workshop
  • Beach Time
  • Nature Walks
  • Homestays
  • Intercultural Exchange with Families
  • Historic Sites & Cities

* The following is a sample itinerary.

* We can make adjustments to this itinerary based on your specific interests, timeline, and budget.


Overnight: Airplane

Your Hometown in Andalucian Spain: La Herradura

La Herradura is our grounding area, our anchor town. It has been a quaint, tranquil fishing village for many centuries and even with tourism as a current economic base, locals retain this cultural heritage. Located right on the Mediterranean, La Herradura is a horseshoe-shaped village with stunning cliffs on both sides, making it an isolated, calm, and safe village that is easy to get to know. Although there are many aspects of this beach town that attract some tourism, it maintains a very Spanish flair. It is called Costa Tropical due to its climate, which is very different from Costa del Sol. The tourism in Costa Tropical tends to be more local Spaniards. La Herradura also offers a great home base location within Spain, with easy access to the cultural treasure of Granada, Sevilla, Malaga, and even Madrid. Due to all of these inherent traits, it provides an unbeatable eco-immersion introduction to Spain. Classroom instruction in Spanish at our local language school is available for any level of experience and can be a great addition to any expedition.


Your students will be challenged to take charge of their experience during their time in Spain, encouraged to engage in active learning and personal growth, and to have open minds to make the most of this incredible opportunity.

Welcome to Spain and to the experiential learning adventure of a lifetime. Your bilingual guides will meet you at the airport. Head to your home base of La Herradura, where your guides begin orienting you to the new geography, culture and cuisine, as well as set the tone for students owning their experience with active and engaged learning. In the evening, we have a welcome party with our homestay families and orientation to the village.

Important Themes:

  • Your guides will introduce the Story Approach and the teaching themes that will cohesively link together the incredible wealth of information you will learn on the trip.
  • Your group will be introduced to the Expedition Mentality, our nuanced strategy for creating the strongest possible group culture.
  • Our first nightly circle and bandana ceremony will reinforce the Expedition Mentality and set the tone for the best possible experiential learning trip

Overnight: Homestays, La Herradura

*Homestays are optional, hotel lodging can also be provided


Today we orient ourselves to the setting, history, and culture of La Herradura by exploring the coastal areas of this former fishing village

After our morning Spanish class, we take a beautiful hike along the shoreline at Calaísa Cove, one of several hidden wonders near La Herradura. Spend the day here and hiking in the Cerro Gordo natural reserve. Learn about the history, flora and fauna from a local perspective while you explore the Mediterranean environment. Tonight, enjoy village life as we get to know La Herradura

Important Themes:

  • Geography: How did people use it for their protection?
  • Flora and fauna unique to this climate
  • Livelihoods of the area: fishing, farming, tourism

Overnight: Homestays, La Herradura


We spend today in the nearby village of Frigiliana, a window into Andalucia’s past, and we begin to explore the unique cultural history of this area

Today we start with language class in the morning to set the foundation for our activities today. We then explore the village of Frigiliana, perched in the hills overlooking the Mediterranean. This remarkable place has managed to retain all the features of a classical Andalusian settlement: narrow alleys, thick masonry walls, inside patios full of flowers and water. While here, we learn about the different cultures (Jewish, Christian and Moorish) that coexisted under the moorish kingdom of Al Andalus. In the afternoon, we hike in and out of this Andalusian village through its still running moorish waterway.

Important Themes:

  • Fusion of cultures: influences on settlements in this region
  • Cultural heritage through the geography of the Iberian peninsula
  • Andalucia and its role within Spain over time

Overnight: Homestays, La Herradura


Today we explore our surroundings by land and by sea, learning about La Herradura and the rich Mediterranean ecosystem.

This morning, we head to Marina del Este for a hands on workshop with a local biologist. Learn about the ecosystems of the bay and some of the key species that inhabit this area- including jellyfish! In the afternoon, we join a game of soccer with our local friends and spend time on the beach!

Important Themes:

  • Marine Ecology of the Mediterranean
  • Cuisine of Andalucia
  • Cultural influence of the Mediterranean in Spain

Overnight: Homestays, La Herradura


Today we celebrate this unique art form and it’s importance to the culture of Spain

This morning after class we head on to the storied city of Seville. We enjoy a walking tour of old Seville and Plaza de Espana, as well as a walk along the Guadalquivir. Tonight we have an unforgettable experience with a flamenco show and dinner in the El Arenal neighborhood!

Important Themes:

  • Flamenco: What is expressed in this music and dance? How does it inform us about Spanish history, society and culture?
  • History of Seville
  • Cuisine, Music, and Dance: Keys to a culture

Overnight: Seville


Today we explore some of the cultural sites of Seville as we learn about history in context

This morning we visit the Great Cathedral and Geralda in Seville, to better understand religion, politics, and power in this storied city. After lunch, we head back to La Herradura for the night.

Important Themes:

  • Culture, cohesion, and conflict: the last 1200 years in Spain
  • Islamic architecture
  • Religion driven conquest

Overnight: Homestays, La Herradura


Today we enjoy a fabulous guided tour of Alhambra and explore Granada, one of Spain’s most fascinating cities

This morning we head up to nearby Granada. The greatest of Granada’s wonders is the Alhambra, which makes up one of the finest Islamic structures in Europe. It is a splendid sight, with its networks of lavishly decorated palaces and irrigated gardens built to resemble the gardens of paradise for the rulers who dwelt there. We explore the palaces as we learn about the history of Moorish rule in Granada, the conflicts, cohesion, and history of cultural influences. In the afternoon, we visit the Albayzin, the oldest area of Granada, to explore this beautiful quarter and learn about it’s importance to the culture of Flamenco. In the late afternoon, we head back to La Herradura.

Important Themes:

  • Arab influence on language, food, architecture, and culture in this city
  • Moorish vs. Christian power structure 711-1492
  • Moorish language legacy in Spanish

Overnight: Pampaneira, Sierra Nevada


Today we delve into a completely new culture and geography of these spectacular villages built in the images of Northern Africa, with traditional Berber architecture

Today we explore these remote villages located on the south facing slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. We enjoy easy hikes around the Poqueira Ravine along the GR7 trails as we learn about the “white villages”. These villages were the last stronghold of the Spanish Muslims, or Moors. Soon after the Castillians took Granada in 1492, all the city´s Moors were forced to convert to Christianity. Those who refused took to the hills, settling in this remote, inaccessible area. Here we learn about man’s ability to adapt to this environment and, to some extent, adapt this environment to his own needs. You will discover, through hikes, a hands on weaving workshop, and gastronomy how, to this day, the different cultures that have ruled the Poqueira ravine remain fused together. In the evening, we head back to La Herradura for our farewell party!

Important Themes:

  • What is different about these tiny mountain villages?
  • Religious persecution and how it has shaped Spanish history and culture
  • Cultural influences through history: iberos, celtas, romanos, visigodos, moros, cristianos

Overnight: Homestays, La Herradura


We return to Malaga to catch our flight home, with memories of our Andalucian Adventure that will last a lifetime! We hope to inspire all those who travel with us, and hope you have gained a new perspective!


Why settle for less?

Audrey Ziomek

Audrey Ziomek

Operations Manager at Chill Expeditions

Audrey believes that educational expeditions that expand perspectives and challenge students can be life-changing experiences.


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